Fire Permits

New Fire Permit Protocol

Call Kensington Fire Rescue (603)772-5751 any time before 4 pm preferably the day you want to obtain a permit.

Follow the prompts to leave a message in the “burn permit” voice mailbox.

A member will come out between 4pm and 6pm to inspect the site and issue the permit.

We will be asking for an email address, so we can email you if burning is shut down due to high fire danger or weather concerns.

You must be present to sign the permit.

If you do not own the home/land, you must have dated, written permission from the landowner to burn before we can issue the permit.


  1. When the ground where you are burning is completely covered with snow, no fire permit is required.

  2. Gas grills or charcoal fires in a container up and off the ground on your own property do not require a fire permit.

ANY open burning in the State of New Hampshire requires a burn permit.  You must be at least 18 years of age and the land owner (or have written permission from the landowner) where the burning will take place. 

Chief Jon True:

Robert Andrews;

Deputy Warden

John Lebel;

Deputy Warden


Who to Contact

Basic Buring Requirements: 

What You Can Burn and When:

Only leaves, woody debris or brush less than 5 inches in diameter, or untreated wood and dimension lumber can be burned.


For any open burning a written fire permit is required. Even with the permit, no open burning between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm unless it is raining.

All burns must be 50 feet from any structure

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